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Source One’s team of spend category cost reduction subject matter experts, industry veterans, and experienced procurement analysts manages a diverse portfolio of brands to better serve the procurement and strategic sourcing community.

Source One’s spend management experts have made it easy to gain spend visibility, removing the need for complex systems integration or software implementations. Combining automation, the reporting and visualization power of leading spend analysis software, and good old-fashioned procurement know-how, delivers rapid and actionable spend analysis. SpendConsultant is powered by the extensive supplier and market intelligence Source One’s?cost?reduction?team has accumulated through hundreds and hundreds of strategic sourcing and benchmarking projects, and our customers benefit from that knowledge – distilled into actionable sourcing levers on a per category basis.

Spend Analysis as a Service

Source One’s strategic sourcing experts have developed the world’s only completely free eSourcing and Reverse Auction Platform, Originally produced as an internal tool to make the procurement service provider’s sourcing events more efficient and more manageable, the spend consultants at Source One decided to offer these procurement tools to the public for absolutely no charge. Thousands of strategic sourcing events are administered in every year, and Source One’s team of procurement consultants utilize the collective market and supplier intelligence in aggregate to conduct better sourcing engagements for our clients.

Free eSourcing Tools

Managing Indirect Spend

Source One’s team of Procurement specialists literally wrote the book on managing indirect spend. Sharing insights on each stage of the sourcing process as well as detailed case studies from Source One’s decades of client engagements, it’s a valuable guide for professionals at any stage in their career. Check out some highlights from the comprehensive guidebook today.

Strategic Sourcing Handbook

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing News and Thought Leadership from the Strategic Sourceror


Procurement and Supply Chain Blog


In January of 2008,? Source One’s team of spend managers launched the?Strategic Sourceror?with the goal of providing a new kind of thought leadership blog. Where other Supply Chain outlets focus on simply reporting the news or reviewing solution providers, the Strategic Sourceror offers uniquely impactful and uniquely personal content informed by Source One’s decades of successful client engagements. While the site does offer timely updates on Supply Management trends, it’s more notable for its wealth of actionable strategies and? how-to guides for generating savings and elevating the role of Procurement.

The Strategic Sourceror provides proven Procurement best practices for carrying out engagements in just about every category. Here’s just a sampling of what the industry-leading Procurement team has shared:


In the spirit of collaboration, The Strategic Sourceror also regularly shares blogs from guest providers and features links to Source One’s network of partner outlets. Whatever insights you’re looking for, the Strategic Sourceror has something for you. To learn more, head on over to The Strategic Sourceror?for news, insights, and best practices every day.? Don’t forget to subscribe for regular updates from the spend management thought leaders. And as always, please contact Source One’s Strategic Sourcing Team for support in category management, cost reduction, procurement transformation, and more.

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