Case Studies in Source One's Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Excellence

Award-Winning Case Studies

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Services


Source One’s decades of successful client engagements represent a case study in effective strategic sourcing, cost reduction, and category management. Offering a comprehensive suite of Procurement services we empower clients to refine their operations, meet their savings goals, and make Procurement’s strategic evolution part of an ongoing, enterprise-wide conversation.

Cost Reduction Services

Whatever their industry, organizations trust Source One’s Procurement specialists to help them reduce costs in all categories of direct and indirect spend. Our consultants know there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for realizing savings. That’s why we embed ourselves within our clients’ internal Procurement teams to develop customized, flexible strategies for managing spend and promoting efficient, sustainable sourcing practices.

Cost Reduction Case Studies

Procurement Staffing & Recruiting

Even in an era of technological advancement, people are still Procurement’s most valuable resource. That’s why Source One provides expert staffing and recruiting services to our clients. Whether you’re looking for on-site, off-site, temporary, or permanent supply chain talent, trust Source One’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing specialists to help you construct a world-class team.

Procurement Talent Services

Procurement Training Services

Source One’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts know the skills and capabilities that make for excellence in Supply Chain Management. The sourcing case studies included on this page are a testament to that face. Our countless successful client engagement have prepared us to offer training support to our clients’ internal Procurement teams. We’ll help you create and maintain programs capable of producing world-class Procurement professionals.

Procurement and Sourcing Training

Procurement Transformation Advisory

At Source One, our team of cost reduction specialists is committed to driving the Procurement function forward and helping our clients realize the benefit of a more proactive, strategic approach to sourcing. Our Procurement Transformation advisers work alongside clients to refine every aspect of the department’s operations. Aligning Procurement’s people, technologies, and processes we pave the way for continuous refinement.

Optimizing Procurement

Spend Analysis Services

Your Procurement team can’t reduce costs without first taking a deep dive into its spend history. SpendConsultant, Source One’s proprietary spend analytics platform makes it easy to do just that. Rapidly cleansing and categorizing spend data, it empowers Procurement teams to make more informed, strategic sourcing decisions. What’s more, SpendConsultant’s opportunity assessment tools provide actionable cost reduction roadmaps.

Rapid, Low-Cost Spend Analysis

Supplier Relationship Management

Identifying a best-fit supplier is only the beginning of Procurement’s strategic business partnership. Long-term operational success depends on close attention and dedicated programs for supplier relationship management. Source One’s Strategic Sourcing team has learned this through countless successful client engagements. We’ll provide the support necessary to promote compliance, mitigate risk, and meet your organization’s long-term savings goals.

Vendor Performance Management

Source One's Years of Award-Winning Engagements are a Case Study in Procurement, Sourcing, and Cost Reduction Excellence.

Source One Presents Case Studies in Strategic Sourcing Excellence

Since 1992, Source One’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts have developed flexible, customized solutions to help our clients meet their unique needs. Whatever their industry, whatever size their business, Source One has the experience and expertise necessary to deliver cutting-edge cost reduction solutions.

Leveraging our wealth of market intelligence, cross-category Procurement best practices, and proprietary sourcing technologies, we empower clients to refine their Procurement function to meet enterprise-wide objectives.

Our clients aren’t the only ones who appreciate our hands-on, value-driving approach to Strategic Sourcing. Industry publications and organizations regularly honor Source One’s spend management team with prestigious distinctions. Check out some case studies drawn from our?award-winning Strategic Sourcing engagements.

MRO & Manufacturing Cost Reduction Case Study:

A mid-sized Food & Beverage manufacturer approached Source One’s tech-enabled Procurement team in search of cost reduction across a number of MRO categories. In addition to cost savings, the client hoped to rationalize their supply base and identify consolidation opportunities. Ultimately, their goal was to provide for their future sourcing needs while improving service levels and mitigating risk through more informed contracting.

Source One’s Strategic Sourcing specialists leveraged our proprietary spend analysis tool, SpendConsultant to take closer look at the Food & Beverage Manufacturers historical spend. Within a matter of weeks, the tool provided a detailed, actionable overview of the client’s past Strategic Sourcing initiatives and incumbent supplier relationships. Thanks to SpendConsultant’s Opportunity Assessment calculator, we identified opportunities to consolidate the supply base and pursue cost reduction opportunities.

We identified over $50,00 in savings across numerous and Machinery categories. Additionally, the engagement provided the client a detailed look into their Procurement team’s operations that should provide for more informed, strategic sourcing well into the future. The successful engagement earned a spot on Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s SDCE 100 Projects list. The annual award recognizes the year’s most innovative and transformative supply chain initiatives.

Direct Materials Strategic Sourcing Case Study:

Looking to gain a competitive advantage in their crowded market, a Building Products manufacturer reached out to Source One for support sourcing direct materials. The client hoped to develop a new ridge vent product line, but required cost reduction support for their compression molding services.

After conducting a series of RFIs, our Strategic Sourcing specialists determined that an alternative design was the most cost effective solution. What’s more, the competitive bidding process revealed an unexpected and unexplored opportunity to reduce costs by leveraging recycled plastics.

Leveraging compression molding and recycled materials, the Building Products manufacturer was able to offer their new product line at a lower price without sacrificing quality. In addition to significant savings and an newly prominent place within their market, the client was able to develop a greener, more sustainable manufacturing process. Source One’s efforts to drive cost savings and encourage environmental responsibility earned Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s Green Supply Chain Award.

Warehouse Management Sourcing Case Study:

A Specialty Foods manufacturer reached out to Source One’s cost reduction team in search of a better-equipped Warehouse Management System (WMS). The organization was in need of a more robust WMS that could support its mission to deliver top-quality products through sustainable and cost-effective practices.

Such a unique Strategic Sourcing initiative required input from both Supply Chain and IT stakeholder groups. Our Procurement consultants engaged both groups directly to assess their objectives and better incorporate their perspective’s into a sourcing strategy. We collaborated with these internal stakeholders to administer an RFP, assess the functionality of potential solutions, and conduct systems demos.

Ultimately, the client selected a new, more effective solution from their incumbent ERP provider that they could integrate into their existing systems. As a result, the client realized 40% savings and Source One earned a spot on Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s Top 100 Projects list.

Consumer Packaged Goods Procurement Case Study

A Consumer Packaged Goods organization approached Source One’s sustainable Procurement team for help identifying a re-seller for one of their by-products. While the organization considered environmentally-friendly practices an essential part of their mission, they hoped to pursue this mission with elevating costs.

Source One’s Strategic Sourcing specialists conducted a comprehensive sourcing initiative alongside the client’s internal Procurement team. Leveraging our wealth of market intelligence and cross-category Procurement best practices, we identified four vendors capable of meeting the client’s niche requirements.

Our cost reduction then facilitated the negotiation process. We reached an agreement with the organization’s incumbent supplier that resulted in drastically improved contract terms. The client was able to increase their revenue split for resold by-product and reduce their management fee. Ultimately, the client was able to meet both their sustainability and cost reduction goals. Once again, Source One earned Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s Green Supply Chain Award.

More Case Studies to Come

These sourcing case studies only depict a sample of the Procurement support Source One offers and the cost reduction results we produce. Reach out to our sourcing experts today. We’ll embed ourselves within our Procurement team, audit the function’s performance and operations, and work together to developed customized sourcing and cost reduction strategies Soon, your organization might find itself on this page.


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