Results in Strategic Sourcing

Companies that choose Source One Management Services, LLC as their Procurement Service Provider are often the leaders in their industries and are often early adopters of the latest industry best practices.

Source One provides comprehensive solutions and On-Demand resources to ensure our customers realize measurable and repeatable savings year-after-year.

Once savings opportunities are identified, Source One ensures they are obtained by providing hands-on implementation support and ongoing continuous monitoring and auditing of the initiative.After implementation, Source One continues to manage the category to guarantee the most cost effective long-term solution for our customers.

Financial Results:


Qualitative Results:


Knowledge Transfer:

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Procurement Solutions

Cost Reduction Services
Source One provides Procurement Solutions for mid-market and larger organizations.Our solutions include free procurement software as well as traditional procurement consulting services such as spend analysis, statement of work building, RFX management, and contract negotiations.

Savings in Strategic Sourcing
Our Strategic Sourcing Services average 18% savings across all commodities for our clients. From office supplies and raw materials to freight and insurance services, Source One has the team in place to help you obtain savings throughout your entire supply chain.See Sample Savings by Category

Cost Reduction Case Studies
Our customers have obtained real hard-dollar measurable savings as a direct result of our collaborative efforts in Strategic Sourcing.
Strategic Sourcing Case Studies

Guiding Principles
“It’s a matter of principle and practicality…Our contingency model holds us accountable for achieving results. We must produce value.”
Source One Guiding Principles

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