Source One has developed unique procurements specialties in Telecommunications, Marketing, IT, and Direct and Raw Materials

Specialty Sourcing Focus Areas

Expertise in a variety of Specialty Sourcing Focus Areas

Sourcing professionals at Source One have specific supply chain expertise, and understand the fine details and nuances of navigating even the most complicated spend categories. We have experts in Specialty Category Focus Areas, including IT, Direct Materials, Marketing, and Telecom Sourcing.

Information Technology and Services

Source One can help you to optimize the capabilities of your IT products and services, while also reducing bottom line costs and maximizing value. Our Information Technology experts provide our clients with on-demand resources and valuable market insight to increase procurement efficiency and secure savings.

Learn more about our exclusive IT procurement consulting services.

Direct and Raw Materials Sourcing

At Source One, we help organizations to implement procurement best practices to optimize their direct spend. We aim to improve supplier relationships and achieve the highest possible level of savings within the direct supply chain. We are committed to analyzing your contracts and spend across your entire range of raw/direct materials and identifying opportunities to increase quality and decrease cost.

Find out more about how Source One can manage your direct spend.

Marketing Sourcing

Source One’s consultants can provide benchmarking services and professional suggestions to enhance your company’s relationship between marketing and procurement. We can help your marketing department to develop a clear and original message, while also staying ahead of industry changes and monitoring spend. Our supply chain category management experts can help to identify marketing agencies that deliver high value and match your company’s creative vision and goals.

Find out more about our strategic sourcing for marketing solutions.

Supplier Relationship Management

For any business, operational success hinges on well-executed, efficient management of the vendors and third parties that support the company. At Source One, we provide our clients with Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) services that enable them to get the most out of their sourcing processes, and encourage long-term, sustainable savings.

Read more about the SRM services offered by Source One.

Telecom & Wireless Sourcing

Source One offers telecommunications strategic sourcing and expense reduction services, to help our clients maintain low costs while achieving the necessary service levels and accommodations. Furthermore, our telecom sourcing professionals will implement systems that allow for sustainability, future improvement, and continued technology implementation.

Learn more about Telecom procurement solutions at Source One.

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