Procurement Services for Utility, Gas, and Electricity Purchasing

Utilities, Gas & Electricity

Utilities Cost Reduction via Strategic Sourcing

Energy pricing can be both volatile and complex to source. Source One can help by developing strategic sourcing initiatives that allow customers to choose competitive and effective utility suppliers in the marketplace.

We provide strategic sourcing and cost reduction services for all utilities: energy, electricity, natural gas, propane (lp), and oil.

We continuously track market conditions, futures and trends. Electricity savings can be identified by identifying low energy consumption periods or peak decline periods and moving quickly to lock in on rates. Source One will help you identify when that time is right for your business. In addition, Source One will provide you with a usage and pricing profile of your existing utilities as well as a savings assessment based on current market conditions.

Energy Cost Savings can be Achieved Through:

We Can Help Reduce your Utility Costs By:

What you need to know:

States can be either regulated deregulated, or have partial choice options.

If a state has regulated electricity, there is no competition. This means that the current provider (the utility) is the only company that can provide energy to our client. In this case, a sourcing event will not take place, but there are other opportunities for savings.

If a state has deregulated electricity, private companies can compete with the public utility, and a sourcing event can take place. The competing companies are called energy marketers, retailers, or third-party providers, and these third parties either produce energy in their own plants or buy large blocks of energy at discounted rates for the purpose of resale.

Learn more about natural gas regulation on a state by state basis.

Get in touch with us today to get started with your energy bill cost reduction program.

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Savings Opportunities

Strategic Sourcing Utilities

Source One’s experience and knowledge of utility tariffs, deregulation and customer choice programs allows us to help businesses reduce their utility costs.

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